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Waxed White Gel Coat 1L



Uncover the power of our White Waxed Gel Coat, ideal for flawless finishes and durable protection. Available in 1L bottles, it’s meticulously formulated for top-notch quality and performance.

With precise craftsmanship, our gel coat ensures smooth, uniform results with each application. Perfect for repairs or new fiberglass projects, it offers professional-grade finishes.

Its superior adhesion and resistance to weathering, UV rays, and water make it ideal for marine, automotive, and industrial use. The high-gloss white finish enhances aesthetics while reflecting heat, reducing maintenance.

Easy to apply with quick curing times, our gel coat requires minimal prep and eliminates the need for additional finishing steps. Trusted by professionals, it delivers reliability and consistency.

Transform your fiberglass projects with our White Waxed Gel Coat – the ultimate choice for protection and aesthetics.