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BXMC 1708-50

E Glass fabric for use in close mold applications such as RTM, VARTM, SCRIMP


Binderless chopped E-Glass, stitched at 7 gauge comes in weight range: 1.5 oz – 4.0 oz.

Standard roll width: 50″ & 60″

Binderless characteristic provides fast, thorough wet-out.  Use in close mold applications such as RTM, VARTM, SCRIMP.

Can be pultruded when layered with other materials.  Stitched construction allows for pattern or die cutting, will not wash out in RTM process.

This fabric can be pre-wet and moved for proper placement in wet lay-up open molding.

It gives uniform thickness compared to extra spray-up in open molding and is a low cost alternative for building thickness and stiffness, where the component is not weight critical.

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